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I think I've gotten through all the updates that I managed to be organized enough to find. (Yeah, maybe planning the update for the week of a family wedding/reunion was not my best plan?)

The following pages have changes:

What'd I miss? I'm sure 6 million things fell out of my brain.
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Note: This was all supposed to be posted at the LJ community, but because of the DDoS attacks I wasn't able to post it there. I'm putting it here and will signal-boost in my DW journal; some of the text is LJ-specific to make it easier to copy over there later when I can do so.

Some miscellany:

1. I am updating the website, since we are moving it to a new server anyway (shout-out to MacMiniColo). If anyone has trouble accessing it, the DNS change should propagate soon; if anyone has anything they'd like to add, comment here or email me at web-at-backupproject-dot-org (which...should be working again now, I hope) jacquez at gmail. We have seen that sometimes, and we don't know why, the main page for another domain hosted on the same machine is showing up. That's being debugged as I type, and should hopefully stop soon.

2. I've made some updates to the FAQ, and am soliciting more. I know, for example, that some other folks are selling Backup Project swag for cons, and I'd love to link to those stores in the FAQ as well as the one that's already there!

I've pasted the current version of the FAQ here: v. 1.1, with lj automatically removing all formatting so it is possibly not easy to read )

3. Because of the recent LJ DDoS attacks, I've made a Dreamwidth version of this comm. I have some invites if people need them. My thought was that it'd be a good fallback place for when LJ is down, and for people who are more comfy on DW. Is anyone who is already an admin for the LJ comm on DW and wants to admin there, too?

LJ won't let me preview, so let's hope this posts ok!!


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